Areas of Expertise -
New Business Development

Developing any business requires a combination of science and magic.

Despite what we’d like to believe, decision-making, even for multi-million dollar accounts, is filled with subjectivity. There are loyalties and values we often do not understand, and political forces beyond our control.

You may have the science in place, but putting in the magic is more difficult. New Business Development will give your team the tools to enhance the science, and introduce them to that magic or we can do this for you.

Pitch Consulting

Here’s the problem, described by one of our clients before they were a client:

“We get on our horses and ride off in all directions. We fight. We work god-awful hours. We neglect our clients. Costs run up and time runs out. We rehearse in the taxi. We pitch on adrenaline. Then we wait, second guessing what we did. And we still win quite a few. It’s fun, but there’s got to be a better way.”

Client Testimonials